Midway Drive-In Theatre


Admission Policy for the Current Season

Regular Admission $10.00
Children ages 7 - 11 $5.00
Children 6 and under *FREE
*providing they are in a NYS required Child Restraint safety seat

Sound broadcasts in FM Stereo and through traditional speaker posts


Sound track is broadcast at 87.9 FM, in stereo. To receive sound track over your car radio, place your ignition key in the accessory position. This will reduce battery drain. If you are running your wipers, heater, or defrost fan, start your car periodically to recharge the battery. If you should require a jump-start, visit the projection booth and we will assist you.

The Theatre has parking for 600 cars at designated posts with overflow parking on the spacious lawns. If you intend to sit outside of your vehicle please bring your own portable FM radio, Boombox or Walkman, as the sound track is broadcast in full FM stereo.

Show starts at dusk

Our first show of the night starts at dusk. Check the Movies section for approximate show times. Our gates open around 7pm.