Midway Drive-In Theatre


In order to maintain a safe, fun environment, patrons agree by entering the Drive In to abide by our rules of conduct stated below. Patrons who fail to comply with any of these conditions, at the discretion of management, forfeit their legal right to remain on the premises.

KEEP YOUR TICKET STUB: It is your only proof of paid admission. Ticket Stubs must be produced when requested by the staff. No re-admissions if you leave the Theatre you must buy another ticket to return. Tickets Stubs will be used for nightly free pizza drawing. Individuals entering the Theatre by means other than ticket booth are trespassers; their entire party will be evicted without refund.

THE SPEED LIMIT is 5 mph, before moving your vehicle to exit the theatre .please check immediately before and aft to be sure area is clear of people and objects from neighbor’s cars. Wait for the lights to come up to brightness so you can see more clearly and be watchful for small children or people on blankets at all times.

VEHICLE LIGHTS must remain off during the show. Parking lights are Acceptable, when parking or exiting after dark. However Headlights and Day Time Running Lights must remain off once show begins. Most vehicles have over rides for disabling the running light feature, please read your owner’s manual. As a general rule if you turn your vehicle off and remove the ignition key then apply the parking brake one notch the vehicle can be restarted and the lights will remain off. If you are unable to disable them please bring opaque material to cover them. INTERIOR LIGHTS are a distraction to others (including pick up truck bed lights), please limit their usage, this also applies to other light sources such as DVD players and Computer Screens, and neon’s. Be sure to uncover or reactivate your lights before highway driving.

When PARKING your vehicle please be sure you park within 1 foot of the Post to allow for a second vehicle to be able to park next to you, the closer you get to the pole the more room for opening your passenger doors. If you’re driving anything larger than a conventional car please check to be sure you are not blocking the view of a previously parked vehicle behind you. If in doubt be polite and ask. Parking is on first come, first serve basis. The management reserves the right to assign your parking space. A fire safety lane has to be maintained around the concession building, if there is no post to park next to, it is a reserved space with no parking permitted. As our ramps are elevated please be sure to set your parking brake to prevent accidental movement of vehicle. OVERSIZED VECHICLES please park in rear rows or at ends of ramp

If you will be WATCHING THE MOVIE OUTSIDE OF VEHICLE. Place your blankets and chairs in front of the vehicle out of the traffic lane, while on blankets keep a watchful eye on moving traffic, do not leave children unattended on blanket. Persons are not allowed upon the roofs of Vehicles. Lift gates must be tied down to roof level if you intend to leave them open during the movie. Twine is available in the projection booth
NO CASH REFUNDS… Passes will only be given upon OFFICIAL CANCELLATION of Scheduled events BEFORE the first movie is completed, as a result of loss of electric power, severe fog or other unforeseen weather conditions or equipment failure. The Movie will be shown if it does rain…no Rain Passes. .

Stay Tuned Keep your radio tuned to 87.9FM If you elect to play your own music before show you must keep volume down so as not to disturb other patrons. This applies in particular to subwoofers

NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS: We will call police for underage drinkers. If we witness usage or anyone disrupting others that appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will be asked to leave. If we become aware of drugs or alcohol you’ll be asked to dump it or leave Theatre immediately. ; Police will be called at our discretion.

Vehicles emitting excessive fumes, modified exhausts, Diesels, “oil burners”, etc. We reserve the right to have you turn off the vehicle or re-position you to the rear rows, if you run your engine during the movie for heating or air-conditioning and we receive complaints of others around you. Vehicles with fuel leaks may be asked to relocate or leave theatre at management’s discretion.

Insurance regulations PROHIBIT cooking or grilling of food on premises, Yard Candles with OPEN FLAME exposed, fireworks & sparklers are forbidden. Bug repellent Candles can be considered distractive you may be asked to extinguish if disturbing others. During dry season candles and burnable bug repellents may be prohibited due to fire hazard.

NO VULGAR or PROFANE LANGUAGE nor LOUD VOICES, as this is a family atmosphere.

If you are going to play ball, Frisbee etc please do so in front of screen or grass area by highway, not around patron’s cars. Do not climb on screen tower or in Bushes. We advise you stay out of the surrounding woods as there may be poison ivy. Once movie starts “play area” is closed. No running on the grounds, shoes to be worn at all times.

These are strange times folks, Keep your Children under direct supervision of guardian at all times. Do not allow them to roam grounds unaccompanied. Children found to be disruptive will be asked to remain in vehicle.

Pets are discouraged but allowed provided they are: not vicious, are quiet and kept on a leash at all times, and under the supervision of an adult. Please “walk” the tree line with your pet, not the ramps or the area in front of the screen, it‘s your responsibility to clean it up. Pets are not allowed in the concession building.

Laser pointers are prohibited, their use will result in ejection from premises.. No shining of any lights on screen while movie is running. Please refrain from using your car horn, as we are located in a residential area.

Video taping and photographing of movies on screen (including cell phones) is prohibited. Film piracy is a Federal Crime, if caught you will be reported to the FBI.

We require a shirt and shoes for entrance into the concession and strongly recommend shoes be worn at all times on the lot. We do our best to clean up broken glass but accidents do occur.

Please dispose of your trash properly and treat our grounds as you would have us treat your lawn.

VANDALISM NOT TOLERATED. Vandalism and willful acts of disruption will result in expulsion from the Theatre without a refund; Police will be called at our discretion.

SMOKING is permitted on the grounds but not in our concession building.