Midway Drive-In Theatre

Jimmy Buffett Livecast
at the Midway Drive-In Theatre

2475 NYS48 Fulton NY 13069 on THURSDAY JUNE 19th, 2014


VEHICLE ADMITTANCE by PRESALE TICKETS ONLY..additional "car tickets" will
NOT be available at the Gate on the night of the Event.

"will call" ticket holders must arrive in the same vehicle as the ticket
========================================================================== Please read following before purchasing your online tickets, as there are NO REFUNDS after purchasing Pre-sale ticketing and admission policies: This is a ADULT EVENT..underage on site consumption of intoxicants will be subject to referal to Law Enforcement. The gate will open at 6:00 PM or before on Thursday, June 19, 2014 On site pre-Concert tail gate party 6-9PM THIS IS A RAIN OR SHINE (STAR LIGHT) EVENT..No refunds or Cancellations for adverse Weather Conditions Jimmy Buffet "preshow material" on screen at about 9:15PM as we await for darkness to settle in at the Live Concert Site in Fort Worth Texas ..Concert Showtime approximately 9:55PM..Expected to run for 90 to 120 minutes. The Ticket cost is $18.00 per person All Advance Sale ticket will be sold online by FrontGate Tickets via this web site    http://www.margaritaville.com/liveatthedrive-in In the event of unforeseen technical circumstances resulting in Concert Cancellation refunds will be handled by the online Ticket vendor. All Online Tickets subject to verification at the Gate. When purchasing your online Ticket you are buying a "Parking Permit" valid for one vehicle with a set number of persons in the Car. No vehicles will be permitted entry without a presale parking permit. Due to limited parking availability, single person admission tickets will NOT be offered via pre-sale. Once our Car capacity it reached the Event is SOLD OUT. We are only offering pre-sale tickets- by the parking space instead of
   individual tickets. This way we can accurately monitor the number of
   parking spaces we have available, thereby avoiding over-selling our
   parking lot.  Since we could not verify by individual tickets how many
   people will be occupying each vehicle, with the advance ticket sales.
   Parking space is limited to the first 200 vehicles. If the size of your group expands after you have purchased your "Presale Parking Permit ticket"..and additional patrons arrive in a presold car..additional individual tickets can be purchased at the Gate provided they are disclosed at the time of entry. All vehicles will be subject to inspection at the entrance, in order to accurately verify the number of occupants, including covered pickup beds and trunk space. UNDECLARED occupants concealed inside trunk space will be charged double the regular admission fee or the Driver of the Car and its occupants will be refused admission and ordered off the Lot for fraud, without refunds. Unticketed entrants will be considered Trespassers and subject to arrest The event will be held rain or shine. No rain checks or refunds will be issued due to poor weather conditions. Once a vehicle has entered the Drive-in, it will NOT be permitted to leave and re-enter--- re-entry will NOT be permitted. Our normal rules of Patron behavior are posted on our webstite http://midwaydrivein.com/info/rules.shtml and will be in effect unless superseded by these special Concert Rules. Tailgating will be permitted, however NO GRILLING OR COOKING IS ALLOWED ON DRIVE IN PROPERTY...NO FIRE PITS..NO OPEN FLAMES. For this EVENT  we will permit outside food and Beverages, but we strongly encourage everyone to support our facilities by purchasing food and beverages at our snack bar. Without your support at our concession stand, the Drive-In will not be able to continue to exist for future generations to enjoy! The Midway Drive-In CAN NOT, DOES NOT, and WILL NOT sell alcohol beverages. We will relax our no alcohol policy and allow outside adult beverage to be brought to the Concert. Responsible alcohol consumption is mandatory, any person or persons being unruely or disruptive will be ejected from the property with no refund. NO KEGS will be permitted and NO GLASS permitted. Glass bottles are subject to confiscation at the Gate or on the Lot. Providing the presale figures warrant it, we do expect to have Law Enforcement personnel on the premises to moderate behavior...lets plan in advance to make this a SAFE fun social Event..without excesses. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CAR HAS A "DESIGNATED DRIVER", IF YOU INTEND TO CONSUME ALCOHOL IF YOU INTEND TO BRING AN R.V...arrangements must be made in advance via email to  John1@MidwayDriveIn.com   special conditions and costs will apply Please put "BUFFETT RV parking" in subject area. If you would like to plan to spend the night- we will have a limited amount of space in the rear and the grass area near the Highway to set up tents. Please email John1@MidwayDriveIn for details for a TENTING PERMIT, placing "BUFFET tenting permit" in subject field.  TENTING PERMITS MUST BE ARRANGED PRIOR TO THE EVENT. NO GLASS CONTAINERS NOR KEGS WILL BE PERMITTED..glass bottles subject to confiscation AT THE GATE OR ON THE LOT. The Midway Drive In Theatre reserved the right to designate your Parking place Parking will be first come first choice, for Cars, SUV's, small Vans or pickups--- Over sized vehicles(Conversion Vans, Full Vans, Large Pickups,etc)  will be subject to designated parking in the rear so as not to block the view of other patrons.  Open Hatchbacks or Tail Gates will need to be tied down to roof height so as not to block the views of persons behind them.   As Parking is first come. first choice, Patrons will not be allowed to reserve parking Spaces for later arriving friends..we suggest you plan to arrive at the gate as a group to improve your odds of finding parking spaces next to one another.  We will attempt to fill the Lot from front to rear and tie and off the rows to prohibit automobile traffic  once a row is full, for other than emergency situations.  Once the rows are tied off you will be permitted to set up your chairs and blankets in front of your cars.  No vehicles movement will be permitted in rows once they are tied off. . SOUND TRACK will be transmitted in FM Digital Stero through your Car Radio,  FM portable Radios, BoomBoxes, Walkmans etc.  If your sitting outside of you car during the Concert..simply rolling down your windows or opening your Hatchback should provide adequate sound. We will guarentee parking space for online ticket holders until 9:00 PM, arrive early to be assured we have a parking space for you. We're hoping for a beautiful Summer Night under the stars for the Event and recommend you bring you Lawn Chairs and blankets and portable sound systems.  No cancellations or refunds for inclement weather. Please consider signing up for our weekly email news letter (click on contact key) or checking our Facebook page for additional announcements regarding this event. ============================================ Still Interested?? When you visit the online ticket site: http://www.margaritaville.com/liveatthedrive-in you will be asked to: 1) Select a State  (New York) 2) Select a Drive In  ( Midway..Minetto..Fulton NY) 3) Select a ticket  examples: 1 car  2 people    $36.00 1 car  3 people    $54.00 1 car  5 people   $90.00 ===================================================== Additional "On Screen Live Concerts" are in the Planning if you folks make this a success. John & The Gang at the Midway Drive In..Minetto