Midway Drive-In Theatre

2006: Week 11

Playing June 30 - July 6



Co-Features will most likely change for week #2

the running times on the cartoons is an estimate Superman Returns may start a little earlier or later than the posted time.

A collection of Waner Bros Cartoons

A special treat for the Hoilday

these cartoons are actually unrated as they pre-date the Rating Sysytem the PG is my guess as what rating they would currently earn
Classic Warner Bros Cartoons..The Abominable Snow Rabbit, Canned Fued, Curtian Razor, Cheese Chaser, Bear for Punishment, Stop Look and Hasten

Rated PG for some violence

Length: 50 minutes
Genre: Animation, Comedy
Starring Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Hubie and Bertie, Porky Pig, Sylvester, Daffy Duck

More info in the Internet Movie Database

Starting Times
Friday      9:10 pm
Saturday      9:10 pm
Sunday      9:10 pm
Monday      9:10 pm
Tuesday      9:10 pm
Wednesday      9:10 pm
Thursday      9:10 pm

Superman Returns

The Man Of Steel is back.....After a long visit to the lost remains of the planet Krypton, the Man of Steel returns to earth to become the peoples savior once again and reclaim the love of Lois Lane.

Rated PG-13 for some intense action violence

Length: 154 minutes
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Starring Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden

More info in the Internet Movie Database

Starting Times
Friday      10:05 pm
Saturday      10:05 pm
Sunday      10:05 pm
Monday      10:05 pm
Tuesday      10:05 pm
Wednesday      10:05 pm
Thursday      10:05 pm


Mayday... .......On New Year's Eve, the luxury ocean liner, Poseidon, capsizes after being swamped by a rogue tidal wave. The survivors are left to fight for survival as they attempt to escape the sinking ship

Rated PG-13 for intense prolonged sequences of disaster and peril.

Length: 99 minutes
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Starring Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, Richard Dreyfuss

More info in the Internet Movie Database

Starting Times
Friday      12:50 am
Saturday      12:50 am
Sunday      12:50 am
Monday      12:50 am
Tuesday      12:50 am
Wednesday      12:50 am
Thursday      12:50 am