Midway Drive-In Theatre

2014: Week 14

Playing August 1 - 5


Hello Midway DI Patrons

I'm pleased to report to you that our intial weekend FundRaiser/T-Shirt Sale at the Midway & Harborfest was a fantastic success. The support from the community was amazing and my GIRLS from Troop 10101- so dedicated- so professional, exceeded their goal for T-Shirt/Bracelet Sales by selling out of product on Saturday 1300 T-Shirts & 1000 Bracelets and then resorting to taking orders for additional shirts on Sunday.

If you ordered a shirt from The Girls, they had promised a 10 day USPO delivery, because of production delays the delivery date may be closer to 15 days.

The funds raised, provided the additional funds needed for the first required Down Payment of $46,380.00 on a new Screen Tower. The order has been placed and we now have a reserved place in the production schedule, with 3 more additional payments required before completion. If we meet those payments, the production will get underway, and we will have a new Screen Tower and be back in business sometime in September, and My Girls will have achieved their mission and have movies on the Big Screen for their Fall Event.

Our Insurance Carrier (Dryden) has been very fair and done all they can to expedite a just insurance settlement. It's my misfortune that I had grossly underestimated the cost for a complete rebuild using present state building codes with designed steel construction.

Thank you to all the volunteers that assisted in the Fund Raiser: -My Girls from Troop 10101- along with their leaders, families and friends; my staff from the Midway, my children (Heidi & John and their friends), the media for the great publicity, -Letters & Signs of Fulton- for our signage, Broadwell Hospitality for the use of their Lot for parking, with 100% of the parking fees collected donated to the Midway and of course the Public. There seemed to be an even balance of our current patrons and folks from the past that are no longer customers, but simply had such great memories and a strong desire that the youth of today and tomorrow will have the opportunity to share in their past Midway Drive In Theatre experiences.

I wished I could say it's a done deal and that the Fund Raising was over, but there are still three additional payments coming up and we're still asking for help to make those payments

Many have asked how deep is the deficit after Insurance… we're still waiting on estimates for light shields, the Concrete Wall rebuild and Roofs on the Box Office Buildings as well as other repairs. The combined profits from the T-Shirts sales and Donations to date, have significantly reduced the original $100,000 deficit, making for a more doable figure. With continued support from the Community the Midway will rise again.

We've had many additional requests for -I Helped Save the Midway T-Shirts- and Bracelets and do expect to be announcing additional Fundraisers and T-shirt Sale Locations

Please keep an eye on our website:


for links to our upcoming fundraiser opportunities, and online T-shirt sales.

Thank You
John Nagelschmidt
Midway Drive In Theatre

DONATIONS can be made by:
1)Sending a Check made out to -Midway Drive In Theatre- with (donation) in the memo to:
Midway Drive In Theatre
PO Box 22
Minetto, NY 13115


2) via PayPal
Go to PayPal.com
make payment to:
midway.fundraiser@midwaydrivein.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Heathe Jones of -Friends of Oswego- was very supportive and helpful in putting together our Harborfest Fundraiser for the Midway. In a show of support for her, I ask you to consider a worthwhile charity -Oswego Industries 9th Annual Golf Open- which she is helping out with...

For more information, contact:
Heathe Jones
(315) 591-4419


Rated G

Length: 7 minutes

More info in the Internet Movie Database

Starting Times
Friday      8:00 pm
Saturday      8:00 pm
Sunday      8:00 pm
Monday      8:00 pm
Tuesday      8:00 pm

Down Payment made on New Screen

Rated G

Length: 8 minutes

More info in the Internet Movie Database

Starting Times
Friday      8:05 pm
Saturday      8:05 pm
Sunday      8:05 pm
Monday      8:05 pm
Tuesday      8:05 pm

Several New Fund Raiser Events

All donations welcomed

Rated G for nothing objectionable

Length: 6 minutes
Genre: Family
Starring The Midway Drive In Community

More info in the Internet Movie Database

Starting Times
Friday      8:10 pm
Saturday      8:10 pm
Sunday      8:10 pm
Monday      8:10 pm
Tuesday      8:10 pm